adidas x Porsche Design Sport | Tubular Bounce

I’ve been a big fan of the adidas x Porsche design sport collaborations since they first started (side note: Porsche’s new Mission E concept is nuts). In the past they’ve created some of the most innovative, futuristic, Minority Report/i-Robot-ish designs I’ve ever seen, and though I don’t know if I could pull this style off personally, I certainly respect the hell out of it.

The adidas x Porsche Design Sport, Tubular Bounce, which helped the brand win the Plus X Award for ‘Most Innovative Brand’ in 2012, was designed by Robert Quach (in collaboration with Jacques Chassaing, Nic Galway, and Vincent Etcheverry). The Tubular Bounce also follows in that same ‘i-Robot’ vibe, this time however, they’ve reinterpreted the now iconic Tubular technology and presented it in a more forward, modern aesthetic.

Below we get a look at some of the early sketches, renderings and tech specs that went into the design and development of the Tubular Bounce.











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