Adidas x Porsche Design Concepts – Robert Quach

French footwear designer, Robert Quach is the man responsible for these sweet Adidas x Porsche collaboration sneaks. We had the opportunity to ask him a couple questions behind his inspiration for these design, check out his answers and the development of the concepts, below.

CK – Can you tell us a little about yourself?

RQ – I studied for 5 years in product design school in Paris.
after six months intership at adidas I went back to france to passe my master degree then I was hired by Adidas.
I like  anything which is unexpected in a good way! that why I like footwear design which is give you an infinity of possibilities.

CK – What inspired these designs?

RQ – These design were inspired by everything I cross, feel, smell…. , for those:
-Easy trainer was by a Bruce lee sentence then I had to find a link with porsche design for the design
-Athletic Drive II was by a Zaha Hadid building, I used the poetic fluidity of her design which was matching with the porsche design language
-Water Breeze I tried to combined a classic mocassin boat shoes with modern technology.
-Bounce S3 was inspired by porsche museum in stuttgart with some reverse structure where I applied
on it based on the previous Bounce S2

[highlight] (Easy Trainer) [/highlight]

[highlight] (Athletic Drive II) [/highlight]

[highlight] (Water Breeze) [/highlight]

[highlight] (Bounce S3) [/highlight]