adidas Tries to Improve Working Conditions in Asian Factories

Firstly, I have to give props to NiceKicks for covering this story. This is an area that is generally not covered in the main stream media, but is a very important aspect that sneaker heads, designers and anyone involved in the footwear industry should care about.

“Following their 2014 sustainability report, Supply Management reported that adidas shut down 13 suppliers in Asia in an effort that should improve worker’s conditions. In total, this caused a shutdown of 104 factories which accounts for about a 10% rejection rate based on their factory screening policy.” – Ian Stonebrook

“The remediation of factory issues is beneficial for workers; it raises the bar in terms of better and more timely pay, improved benefits, reduced hours and the legal protection of formal employment contracts, as well as significant improvements in basic health and safety within the workplace,” – (adidas representative)

If larger brands are going to continue to produce in Asia (and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, though there may be a slight shift from China if their prices continue to rise), the least the bigger brands could do is to take some accountability for the conditions of the workers producing their footwear.

Hopefully this is the start of a trend. But if nothing else, at least It’s a start. If this is legit, hat’s off to Adi (and if you know me, you know I hardly ever take my hat off).

Full story on NiceKicks.

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