adidas Originals | 3D-Printed Freecraft Series (Video)

adidas Originals have just released images of their 3D-Printed Freecraft Series. The sole appears to fully take advantage of 3D printing and be built up of an extremely complex series of meshes that would be damn near impossible to execute with current sole manufacturing techniques.

The 3D printed sole also seems to allow for a great amount of cushioning. One of the many other advantages of 3D printing, is the adaptability of the prints. With the Freecraft Series, adi will be able to tailor each sole the specific needs of the individual that will be wearing them.

Though 3D printing still has a little ways to go till it’s fully commercially viable, it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll roll this technology out to the consumer. Right now it seems they plan on having the consumer be able to come into a specialty location, run on a treadmill, measure the users metrics, and then print a sole based on their individual needs.

They haven’t stated when they plan on actually bringing this tech out to consumers, or how they’ll be printing the soles, but it seems we should expect updates on the project in the coming months. Given the complexity of the print and the current timelines associated with 3D prints, I’d imagine they’ll have to create a small army of printers and essentially have their own 3D printing factory.  However they decide to execute the idea though, what this could mean is more localized production and greater individual customization, which I’m all for (I’m sure Nike will have something in store for us also, we’ll see who crosses the finish line first).

Check out a snippet of the Freecraft Series in the video below for more insight.

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  • Swagrid - 5 years ago

    Sick. The doors 3D printing opens for the footwear world are game-changing.