Adidas Original Concepts – Ryan Sampson (Updated)

Senior Footwear Designer, Ryan Sampson straight up killed these concepts. With classic silohettes, interesting materials and a super clean finished product, these group of Adidas Original sneaks are sure to be fan favorites. Check the development of the shoe, from initial sketch, all the way up to the finalized design, below.

[highlight] CK – Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

RS – My name is Ryan Sampson “Sampy” and Im the senior footwear designer for Adidas Originals contemporary product. I grew up in Riverside CA and now live in Portland OR. I went to design school in Long Beach CA to get my degree. Sports, fashion and design have been a huge part of my life.

[highlight] CK – What inspired these design? [/highlight]

RS – Adidas heritage plays a big roll in a lot of my designs. I like to use new modern lines, textures, patterns and Adi heritage to update models.

[highlight] CK – What are your favorite features? [/highlight]

RS – Some of my favorite features on these designs are molding details that run through out the shoes. There are a lot of nice textures and materials that compliment these designs as well.