adidas Futurecraft Reveals First SPEEDFACTORY Product (Video)

adidas has just revealed their first product to be produced from their SPEEDFACTORY; the adidas Futurecraft M.F.G. (Made For Germany).

The Futurcraft M.F.G. features a Primeknit upper, the ideal upper for the Speedfactory to produce, and a BOOST midsole. It also features the super enticingly named “ARAMIS Technology”, which removes the traditional three stripes and heel counter and replaces them with a variety of patches placed in strategic areas for superior support. They also added a torsion bar to the outsole for good measure.

If this is the start of something much larger (more locally produced product), then this is a huge step in the right direction. I wrote about the importance of larger brands starting to produce locally some time ago and hopefully, this is the start of a trend in doing just that.
The factory doesn’t appear to be fully automated (as you can clearly see from the above image or the video below), which tbh is probably a good thing. I’m still a bit skeptical about giving advanced robots free reign without any human interaction…if you don’t understand why you clearly haven’t watched Terminator or seen this.

For more about the Futurecraft M.F.G. and to have a glimpse into adidas’ Speedfactory, check out the video below.








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  • Trav - 4 years ago

    knitting swatches to laser cut them out, still have the waste of conventional footwear making. Why don’t they knit to shape, then have finished knit edges rather than having to bind off the edges.

    • Mr shoe - 3 years ago

      I had exactly the same thought. I think their other ultraboost models have specifically knitted uppers