Adidas Fugitive Concept by Victor David Cantu Ojeda

The Adidas Fugtive, is an impressive project by Mexican designer, Victor David Cantu Ojeda. What’s so intriguing about this project is the thought Victor has put into the marketing and story behind the product. This is often an area that isn’t thought about or executed well enough by the designer, and it’s importance is undeniable. Having something that people can either relate to, or generates conversation adds another element to your product, and can really be a deciding factor in it’s success –

I made a visually design parallel to boost core product, although similar shoes seem like brothers, I did the design whitin the same style, elegant, metallic, solid.

It seems to me that boost of adidas is a good design. A design that is not necessary to add aesthetic elements, is for me a good design. Adidas design does not need anything visually.

I’ve added items to my proposal, an added value and a concept of my own. I made a shoe a little more dynamic and organic. The design of adidas, is a solid design and is visually static, I’ve designed a shoe just more fluid.

The boost advertising of adidas, offered the concept of innovation of the sole, without showing fully the aesthetic design of the product, keeping a mystery. Like this:

I thought to emulate (in my style), a product launch advertising. With things and different advertising concepts. Starting with generating consumer curiosity. – Victor

For this design “Fugitive”, I thought of advertising on youtube. A spot structured like a movie trailer. Due to the strike in the union of actors out there right now in my country, it will not be possible to produce the spot. But I try to emulate a draft story board, I will, in the language of comic. Fugitive is inspired to the bad guys. This is page 1. Sorry for the bad traslation. – Victor