Adidas Eiscol Boot Sample – Steven Joseph Carle

These rugged looking Adidas Hiking boots are super clean and brought to you by Adidas footwear designer, Steven Joseph Carle. We asked him a couple questions about the boot, check them out below.

[highlight] CK – Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

SJC – My name is Steven Carle and I’m a footwear designer at Adidas. I work in the Outdoors category for almost 3 years now. Its the most interesting category to work for since every season the products are very different in function due to the sports covered per season. I could be designing a hiking boot one month and a water shoe the next…

The Eiscol Mid shoe is a Hiking inspired city boot. Meant to be for the Russian market, this boot can survive harsh winter conditions. Its primary function is for travel through deep snowy conditions.

[highlight] CK – What inspired this design? [/highlight]

SJC – The inspiration came from both 19th century dress shoes and hiking boots…I wanted capture the simplicity of a dress shoe used in the 19th century (the use of 2 materials with an overlaying protective pattern and yet a comfortable collar) and the functionality of a hiking boot (able to withstand multiple weather conditions).
This in combination I think makes it a timeless design. I wanted something that can with-stand different surfaces, handle degrees in the negatives and windchill factors that could freeze your face off….and yet have a casual look that is both modern and stylish.