adidas Dipped Concept by Dominic Dina

Completed by designer, Dominic Dina back in 2014 as part of the Pensole x Adidas Earn Your Stripes class, ‘Dipped’ was conceptulised for 800m runner, Ajee Wilson for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Essentially the concept is comprised of an assymetirc, microfibre support structure and a carbon fibre plate. Both of these elements combine to create a highly supportive and responsive shoe. The best part however, is that the athlete would then dip their feet (with the supported upper and sole plate firmly attached) into a quick drying latex material. With the latex conforming to the exact form of the athletes foot and covering any gaps between the microfibre and the skin, this would not only create a zero drag, highly aerodymic form (perfect for sprinting), but they’d also be highly personalized to the athelete and incredibly ergonmic. Love this concept.

You can see Dominic’s project in-full, below.


Mr. Bailey

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