Adidas DH4 by D.Cin

Some more insanity by designer, D.Cin –

‘Signature “quickness” shoe for Dwight Howard based on capturing the unique gestures of motion; inspired by analog artwork and the creasing and movement of shoes during play. I wanted to take polarizing risks on the design of this shoe since traction in the market was slipping with the ever-challenging task of selling shoes designed for centers/big men.’ – D.Cin

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‘Inspired by Yago Hortal’s work’ – D.Cin

Motion/crease study

‘Inspiration for “Static” colorway: I thought it was ironic how unpredictable the black & white static jumped around on old TVs and used it as playful way to convey what advantages quickness can provide for an offensive player.’ – D.Cin

‘Static’ colorway’ – D.Cin

‘Segmented outsole provides dynamic traction that improves cutting speed’ – D.Cin

‘PS. I had nothing to do with the orange/gold/black/blue colorway that was debuted in China (bottom left); I did not intend for the design to be colored that way’ D.Cin