Awkward, alone hip hop dancing aside, this video about ADAPTIV footwear by SOLS is actually pretty interesting.

‘Form, function and design were never meant to be separate; in the future, footwear will be adaptive, responsive, transformative and customized to you and your needs. The athlete will be protected from common lower extremity injuries and will be able to achieve peak performance, making them unstoppable.

With a system of gyroscopes and pressure sensors, ADAPTIV moves air pressure or fluids throughout the shoe to support your body’s shifts and motions. Instant Adaptability means that your footwear will constantly be adjusting itself to your body’s shifts and motions.

ADAPTIV is SOLS’ vision of the future of footwear.’ – SOLS

Granted this concept may not show much depth in actual available tech, needless to say there are quite a few things that need to come to fruition before anything like this is possible. However, I personally think it’s always great to see companies thinking like this, you never know where things like this could lead. Conceptual art in movies has a tenancy to come to fruition.

SOLS in itself it’s actually a pretty cool company itself. Utilizing 3D printing to produce unique, form fitting insoles is probably the best use of that technology for the footwear industry right now. When the tech progresses and becomes more viable, it’ll be interesting to see how companies like SOLS take it and run with it.

For now though you can check out their visions for the future of footwear, below.

ADAPTIV from SOLS on Vimeo.






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