Acronym x FlyKnit Racer Concept by Brett Golliff

Every now and then, when designer & footwear extraordinaire, Brett Golliff isn’t designing cars for a living, he graces us with an incredibly detailed and well thought out footwear concept. His latest being this Acronym x FlyKnit Racer.

I reached out to Brett to see if he’d be willing to share some of his process in creating the project, and it seems what started out being a quick idea, turned into something much more in-depth than he originally intended.

Check out what Brett has to say below for the full breakdown of the project.

“This project was meant to be really quick and dirty and turned into so much more so quickly.

It was the culmination of a few things. One, I started teaching a VisCom class at CCS in their Grad School division. Two, I bought the Acronym Presto and the J46-WS jacket and the details on those products were phenomenal and was such a new experience for me. Three, I wanted to take advantage of all that is capable in ProCreate in my iPad Pro. Four, probably the most important, I read that Errolson Hugh’s favorite shoe is the FlyKnit Racer. It is also mine.

So what started as a rendering that was going to be a gathering of everything that I was inspired by at the time quickly turned into a full-on design project for me.

I started by sketching over the top of a FlyKnit Racer side view. Which was good for proportion but also slightly limiting, as it really kept me from exploring. It was like I was only applying what I had seen to it and not really embracing what it could become.”





“After doing my first rendering, I reached out to a trusted friend of mine to get some input and we picked it the hell apart.

This type of shoe and approach is slightly challenging for me. I am far more comfortable creating and exploring designs that I don’t know how to make. Essentially, more future product and platform scenarios that are based in my firm belief of form follows function. This type of shoe doesn’t really follow that.

It is more fashion based, which is an area I am slightly uncomfortable in. I knew it had to have a stance and emotion and embrace layering. But I felt at this point I was relying too much on it just looking dope.”

“So after breaking it down with my friend I posted it up on IG to see what people were thinking and where it was going. I had great responses and good input we didn’t consider. For instance the mudguard, wouldn’t have done that without Eugene Hu’s input.

From there I took all the input and I completely redid the shoe and how it worked.

I really started evaluating what is special about Acronym. To me it isn’t just the impeccable use of materials and construction, it is the capability and adaptability of the products. You can wear it so many ways while still maintaining its technical function. While their pieces create a bold look no matter how they are worn, it is always still functional. That was really inspiring to me and really helped me take the design to the next level.”


“I sketched out ways to make the shoe convert from a high to a low. I was really inspired by an image of scarf being pulled up over the face of one of the Acronym designers. It was so raw and powerful to me and really drove the direction for where the shoe went from there.

Once I sketched it out, I needed to figure out how to truly make it work. So I mocked it up really roughly out of paper. I took photos of it then and set up for the final renderings.”



“I used photo’s from the Acronym website to create the renderings you see. Their photo’s are insanely detailed and high res and were perfect for this project. I manipulated them a lot to get what you see but it was fun to see what I can do with ProCreate. Literally everything you see here, besides the video; was created on my iPad Pro in ProCreate. And quite honestly had I done this project a year ago before I had the Pro, I don’t think I could have done it to this level.”





“The final part was the video. Once I did the renderings, I felt like it would be boring to show it in the same way that I always do on Social Media. So I hit up my good friend Jacques Slade. We have done a lot in the sneaker media world together over the past four years and his skill with videos and sound is phenomenal. I am not even going to lie, I did very little on that video other then create the renderings and provide the art direction for what I wanted. He took it from there and I am very happy with the final outcome.”

“For me this project started as just something fun and then transitioned to becoming something that I had to see come to life. It was a great challenge and I enjoyed what I learned from it. While it isn’t like I rewrote what a sneaker is by any means but I do think I did both brands justice in a fictional collaboration.

Plus, it probably doesn’t need to be taken so seriously. It’s just fun to draw shoes.” – Brett Golliff

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