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As you may have seen from our many videos and pictures on our Instagram, myself and fellow CKLAB-er, David Mawdsley headed to Paris for mens fashion week. There were a few reasons we went; firstly to link with Noel from ekn footwear to show my latest collaboration collection at MAN, secondly to having meetings with clients and thirdly to meet inspiring people, see new brands and really just to take in the vibe of Paris.

The whole time was super inspiring, and actually a lot more hectic than I think either of us were expecting.

To be honest, from what I saw it wasn’t the strongest footwear showing, but saying that I’m sure there were a lot of showrooms that we didn’t get to see (Casbia for example, we would have loved to have seen but didn’t get a chance to). However, there were still a few brands that really stood out and showed some beautiful new styles and more than made up for the lack of interesting newness from other brands.

To find out which those, check out our visual diary of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, mainly shot by David, below.

First stop was the MAN tradeshow to help Noel set up the booth.




We linked with the homies, Thomas & Kasper from ARKK Copenhagen, who happened to be showing right next to the Mr. Bailey x ekn booth, to discuss what they were up to, as well as talk about some future projects…



One of the highlights of Paris FW was what Billy & David of Brandblack were showing. Also at MAN tradeshow (and pretty much right next to us) they showed their incredible new collection. We couldn’t shoot all of it, but trust me, they have some new silhouettes that I can’t wait to see and share when they’re released. From innovative new construction techniques to collaborations with legendary industry tested brands, Brandblack continue to give the footwear industry a hefty push in the right direction with their strong design narrative.






Filling Pieces pretty much stole the spotlight in my opinion, their showroom and latest product was on another level comparatively to what most other brands were showing.

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t shown FP much love over the course of CK’s existence, mainly because I felt like they were getting enough love from bigger, more mainstream blogs, and I also felt they were plateauing a little in my opinion. However, with their “Let Us Create” and their “Move Without Borders” collection and showroom, they’ve showed they’re back in the design game, showcasing beautifully intricate silhouettes and new sole toolings (shoutout to designer, Michael Lennheden).

Also a big thankyou to Leroy from FP for taking the time to show us around and explain what FP has been cooking up.

FP’s setting the standard for how brands not named Nike or adidas should execute their product, showroom and story telling, and have legitimately gotten me excited to see what they come up with next.

(Unfortunatley we didn’t get to really take any pics, though Leroy offered us a chance to come back to take some, we got bombarded with work and couldn’t make it back, so most of these images are either taken from Instagram or other sites.)






The Slamjam showroom was beautifully laid out, (cheers for sliding us in there Miller, *pause*) and it also showcased another brand that got me pretty hyped. Suicoke, a Japanese brand usually known for their sandals, showcased some beautifully constructed new silhouettes. From tabai inspired, stacked eva neoprene sandals, to an Ugg boot-ish style with a boat shoe construction (not shown), what they were showcasing really caught me off guard.

We also linked up with the super humble owner of Suicoke, Jin (cheers again, M) so hopefully, we’ll also get an interview together to see what else he’s working on.

(Again, we didn’t really get to take too many pics in the Slamjam showroom, so most of the Suicoke pics are stolen from their Instagram account, asside from the snap I took of David outside the showroom below.)



IMG_8958 2


After the first couple days of MAN, FP and Slamjam, we headed to Tranoi to meet up with the homie, Ben from Sartre over at Tranoi. A new sustainably minded footwear brand, Sartre was showcasing it’s second season, and the progression from just one season earlier was super impressive. This is a brand to watch for sure.


We also linked with Yassine from NEKEDI. Yassine actually came to see me speak at a SLEM conference about a year back. He had no clue about the industry but knew he wanted to create his own brand. After selling his business and pouring his money, and heart into NEKEDI, he’s showing his first collection at Tranoi. It’s incredible to see someone put their mind to a task and just go for it. Much, much respect to Yassine and his brand NEKEDI, you’re truly an inspiration.

While heading to the Slamjam party (which we never ending up making it to before it got shut down) we ended up bumping into the BYBORRE fam, who were driving around in their mobile showroom. As you can see from the pics, we were already pretty toasty from drinks we’d had earlier (well, I was at least). What these guys are doing is pure innovation, and it was great getting to connect with the whole team.




A few random shots from Paris.











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