A More In-Depth Look At The Process Behind Reebok’s DMX Elusion 001

We posted an initial look at the design of Reebok’s DMX Elusion 001 last week. Since then, Senior Reebok Footwear Designer, Brian Rinella hit us up to share a little more insight into the process –

“Part 1: “Can we do that?” – Fresh off soaking up inspiration in Barcelona, our design team came home itching to unload our brains. Put some pen to paper. Or I guess for others, stylus’ to Wacom screens. Or even others, clay to lasts. Oculus VR handwands to…nope. Too far. Whatever the medium. I suppose it’s irrelevant. Every designer has his or her thing that works. We got creative. I had this one crazy sketch and my visionary director, Zac @zee.ayy.cee , saw something in it. He and Dan Hobson encouraged me to take it and push it much further than I was comfortable at the time. “Full-send”. I believe was the quote. My amazing PM crew, @heathengoat @gregkorbas @simowiththeshot were also keen to go “full-send”. The stars had aligned. So send it, we did. ….then development saw what we were cooking up……😳” – Rinella

Below you can see some of the initial sketches and renders, as well as a look at the final silhouette.

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