A Look At The Reebok DMX Elusion 001

Senior Reebok Footwear Designer, Brian Rinella recently shared a look at the DMX Elusion 001, a super unique style that features a DMX bladder, EVA midsole and Zig propulsion plate.

“2020 is set to be a big year for #reebok . Why not kick things off with some crazy? [SS20 d m x e l u s i o n 0 0 1] This shoe shouldn’t exist. Should never have made it past concept phase. And yet for you lucky ducks, here it is. A rare unicorn from the brand that brought you the Pump Fury when you never asked for it. It has a 5-7 component outsole, sits on a heel moving air DMX bladder, Floatride Fuel molded EVA full-length midsole and full-length Zig propulsion plate. It is I believe, the craziest shoe I’ve had the pleasure to design and the fact that it exists shows the abilities and talents of a brand willing to push the limits, the talents of an amazing factory, and an unbelievable product development team. I literally had emergency surgery during the production of this shoe and put quite a bit of “blood, sweat, and tears” into it. Stay tuned for an in-depth story of how a great team made this crazy shoe a reality. Was a treat to bring it to you. If you’ll patiently indulge me, I’ll try to gather up my files and tell you a tale of a shoe: “From my brain to your feet.” – Rinella

Below you can see some of the initial renders, as well as some images of the final shoe.

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