A Look At The Italian Made BUSCEMI x DC Lynx OG

Highsnobiety recently ran a story about the upcomming released of the BUSCEMI x DC Lynx OG, while also showcasing some of the beautiful craftsmanship of the Italian made sneakers.

“Each piece is handmade. We hand-painted every edge on the shoe, and then we hand-burnished it. So it starts out a certain color and then they start waxing it and burnishing it to get this very classic Italian shoe leather color.” – Jon Buscemi

Having worked with DC during the late ‘90s before founding his own eponymnous footwear label, BUSCEMI, Jon Buscemi and DC two have re-connected to conceive the Lynx OG, a shoe with a mixture of high-end Italian craftsmanship that’s become synonmous with BUSCEMI, and a skateboard heritage/DNA that DC is known for.

See below for some shots of the development process, as well as some images of the final shoe. You can also watch the first of their two-part series chronicling Jon’s creative vision for ther shoe over on Highsnobiety.

Images via Highsnobiety

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