A Look At The Initial Sketches Of The Under Armour Curry 3

Solecollector recently posted up some of the initial sketches behind the Under Armour Curry 3. They also managed to catch up with Senior UA footwear designer, Kort Neumann to shed some insight behind the design process.

“We will ask Steph, ‘Hey what do you want to apply to this tool for the season?'” Neumann said. “He’ll give us stuff that he wants and we will look at ways to make that work.”

Neumann also mentioned that the design approach for the third signature shoe involved a lot more interaction with Steph than the previous releases.

“We kind of wanted to take a different approach and get him involved earlier on and have him look at sketches and have him circle what he likes, and x-out what he didn’t like,” the designer said. “Then we just presented some ideas ourselves to see if he was gravitating towards them and to see what we could improve on.”

You can see more of the original sketches behind the Jet inspired, Under Armour Curry 3, below.









Mr. Bailey

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