Updated: A Look AT The Initial Sketches Of The Nike Moon Racer & EXP-Z07

Update: It appears infact that the first set of sketches I posted were actually early sketches for another Nike model, the EXP-Z07 which is a more economical offering to the recent EXP-X14 model.

The concept for the EXP-Z07 was to take inspiration from the moon shoe upper and vaporfly elite midsole. After sketching up some concepts, Nathan showed a photoshop mashup of the moon shoe on top of the vaporfly elite platform and the design leadership liked it so much that they asked for an additional shoe to be made, exactly like the mock-up, which would later become the Moon Racer.

Nike designer, Nate Schultze recently shared a quick look at some of the initial sketches of the Nike Moon Racer.

Inspired by the classic Nike Moon shoe, and sitting on top of the Nike React midsole, the sneaker is both a nod to it’s heritage roots, and a sporty, more contemporary silhouette featuring the chunky, performance driven proportions that the React sole brings. I’m also a fan of the “floating” heel tab, which really helps to add to the more sporty, streamline feel of the overall silhouette.

You can see some Nate’s early sketches, as well as a few final beauty shots of the Moon Racers, below.

Images via – @NathanSchultze & Nike.com

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 09.56.00

(Early EXP-Z07 sketches)

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 09.55.34

(Early Moon Racer Sketch)



Nike Moon Racer


Nike EXP-Z07


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