A Look At The Design Of The Nike React Presto

Nike Footwear Desiger, Nate Shcultze recently shared some of the inital and final sketches of the Nike React Presto.

“Footwear design can be a long process. I refine and redesign mostly through physical means like sampling and prototyping. It’s rare for me to have initial sketches that look like the final product. So I’ll sketch it again after the shoe has been finalized.” – Schultze

Below you can see the final sketch, as well as the initial sketches from November 26, 2017, created while Nate was in the airport on his way to South Korea. Within a week, they had the first pullovers.

@l_anglin – Product Line Manager
@squattiepippen – Product Developer
@leelaiviejoshi – Color Design
David Ko – PCC Developer
Michael Lashmore – Generative Design

Final Sketch
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Mr. Bailey

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