A Look At The Design Of The New Balance HIERROv5

New Balance footwear designer, Seth Maxwell recently shared an insight into the design of the New Balance HIERROv5.

“The task for this project was to merge “crisp, utilitarian functionality with unexpected interest.” The update needed to incorporate a Vibram rubber o/s, FreshFoam midsole, as well as improved breathability and versatility in upper construction than found in the predecessor. This shoe needed to encompass a wide range of terrain skill sets and user cases, being a formidable option for the hiking consumer and the advanced runner.” – Sam Maxwell

You can see some of the initial sketches and renders, as well as images of the final shoe, below.


Project Managment: Colin Ingram
Project Development: Karyn Fulmer
Sole Development: Brandon Miller
Color Design: Becky Field
Material Design: Meredith Hoffman




“After initial concept ideas were discussed amongst the team, it became important to focus in on the platform of the shoe. It was paramount to consider the variety of users in this shoe, everyone from recreational hikers to distance terrain runners. We sourced as much feedback from athletes and consumers as we could into the bottom unit design.” – Sam


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