A Look At The Design Of The Cottweiler x Reebok AW19 Driver

The Cottweiler x Reebok project has produced some of incredible silhouettes over ther past few seasons, from progressive utilitarian concepts, to super unique style juxtapositions. Designer, maker and Footwear Designer 1 for Reebok Technical Style Team, Evan Belforti recently shared some of the initial sketches for one of those unique juxtapositions; the Cottweiler x Reebok AW19 Driver – a sleak loafer styled upper, with a super chunky/aggressive sole tooling.

“Thought I’d share some of my process behind the design of the Cottweiler Driving Shoe. Very proud of these shoes and of our team. Amazing collaborating with Matthew and Ben on such an interesting project.” – Belforti

Below you can see some of Evan’s sketches, which detail everything from the tongue construction to heel and clasp options.

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Mr. Bailey

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