A Look at the Design of Nike’s Unreleased E-Scape Trainer by Michael DiTullo

Former Brand Jordan/NSW designer and Converse Design Director, Michael DiTullo recently shared some images of a super interesting pair of Nike’s that never released: The E-Scape Trainer.

Designed by Michael back in 2004, the intention was that the E-Scape would be a hybrid between the Presto and the Marc Newson Zvezdochka Sneaker.

“Back in 2004 … After the Marc Newson designed Zvezdochka shoe, we wanted to do a few models that were a little more approachable in price and wearability. Rob Dolan was the senior designer on the project and designed the E-Scape slip on, I designed a trainer version that bridged the gap between the slip on and the original that also borrowed a bit from the Presto line. With a zoom air instead this was amazingly comfortable.” – Michael DiTullo

Check out some of the initial sketches, renders, specs and samples that went into the creation of the E-Scape Trainer, below.

escape trainer sketch


E-Scape Trainer-tool revis2 [Converted]

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 7.07.06 PM


Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 7.06.15 PM






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