A Look At The Design & Development Of The Adidas YUNG-96

Designer at Adidas Originals, Florent Baheux recently shared a look into the initial design and development of the YUNG-96.

“The Yung-96 was one of the first projects in a new team with new responsibilities. I was lucky to be able to create a shoe for the Inline range. Thanks to my knowledge regarding colors and materials, I created a clear colorway during sample stage that was able to stay in the range later on.
The goal of this shoe was to have a more modern twist from our 90’s running archives, using more modern technologies like TPU and reflective weldings, mixed with nylons and synthetic suedes, which bring this retro “flavor” to the shoe.” – Florent Baheux

You can see some the initial 90’s models that inspired the design, as well as some of the initial exploraiton sketches, mock-ups and final shoe, below.

Creative Direction: Nic Galway
Development: Ruth Heenan
Marketing: Moritz Gottlob-Schoenenberg







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