A Closer Look at the Detailing of No.One’s Charlie

As Mr. Eames rightly says, the details are everything. California based footwear brand/atelier, No.One clearly understands that ethos and recently broke down the construction porocess of their incredibly well executed, turned-and-stitched leather eyelet section.

Check out their Instagram post below, and make sure to slide through to see all the videos and images.

SLIDE 1: This small piece of leather is the eyelet on the Charlie. Its easily overlooked but a lot of attention goes into this seemingly simple component.

SLIDE 2: These meticulous steps are taken to ensure a clean, sharp edge. Keep in mind each shoe needs two of these, four per pair.

SLIDE 3: The end result.

SLIDE 4: The details are not the details. They make the design. Charles Eames

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