9 People to Follow for Footwear Design Inspiration

Reguardless of Instagram majorly fkn up and changing the way posts are displayed (thanks Facebook), it’s still one of my personal favourite platforms to see interesting and inspiring content.
It’s also been a while since I did one of these lists, and since the last “people to follow on IG” article I’ve managed to find a whole host of other inspiring people. There are ofcourse, far more then just the people and mentioned in the previous article and these latest 9, but these are some I’ve randomly selected from the accounts I’m either following on CK’s ig, or my own.
Hopefully you guys find these accounts as inspiring as I do.

So with that being said, here’s a list of “9 People to Follow for Footwear Design Inspiration”, enjoy.


You may remember me posting almost every style from Y3’s latest collection. Well, designer Stephanie Saris was responsible for a quite a few of those designs. From her incredible work with Y3, to her personal projects, Stephanie’s account is filled with inspiring design.

And another one #y3 #adidasy3 #shoes #wedge #white #space #future #sneaker #adidas #women #pfw #pfw16 #ss17 #yohji

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Otabo continue to not only curate beautiful footwear development imagery, but also drop continuous gems about the industry. Definitely a strong follow.



Danish designer, Michael Lennheden continually posts great content. Whether it’s his renderings or mock-ups, you’re certain to get a nice mixture of design inspo.


Designer and textile developer, Suzanne Oude Hengel posts incredibly inspiring textile innovations and shoe designs/samples. From re-thinking how kitted uppers can be applied to shoes, to generally putting her hands to products and creating interesting products, Suzanne’s feed is a brilliant source of inspo.



Somehwat becomming the master at mocking up his own, hilarious but clever versions of latest shoe releases, designer Mathieu Hagelaars posts a lot of thought provoking content. From footwear development trips to mock-ups, Mathieu sheds light on aspects of the footwear design & development industry in a fun and interesting way.



The always cleanly curated intagram feed of the homie, David Mawdsley is both a combination of well executed photography, and footwear design related content. Documenting his own footwear development journeys, David also shares inspired content relating to the people and culture’s he visits while creating his shoes.
This is for sure an IG account to follow and to be massivley inspired from.

That’s what you call a destroyed sample. Material reference. #akiofootwear #fromthegroundup #conceptkicks #crepecity

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If you’ve been following the CK IG account for longer than…a couple days, you’ll be familiar with these guys already (seeing as I seem to post their work almost every other day). If you’re not familiar, they’re basically the guys behind knitted sneaker uppers…and a lot of adidas’ recent innovative #Futurecraft series. If you’re not following these guys, you’re missing out.


One of the designers from the aforementioned Alexander Taylor Studio, Edward Robinson may have only had his account for a reveltively short time, but is using it very well, and giving us a great insight into what these guys are up to outside of the studio, as well as in. From early primeknit samples to random development trips, Edward always posts extremley interesting content.



Still seemingly new to the industry, in fact I think he may still be a student, but Rambleren posts a lot of interesting and different content. Whether it be his own footwear mock-ups, or just random inspirational imagery, the self proclaimed “minimal ninja” always delivers quality content.


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