8 Tumblr Pages To Help You Get Inspired

Cultivating creativity and trying to evoke that ever allusive “inspirational breakthrough” is tricky, to say the least. Everyone has their own creative process, and one of mine would be compiling imagery (that’s pretty much how CK began tbh) and trawling through Tumblr on pretty much a daily basis.

One piece of advice I’ve given, and stand by whole-heartedly to this day, is that the most creative and innovative footwear concepts are inspired by anything but other shoes. With a lot of today’s footwear, you can see each brand blatantly swapping and sharing design details from each other. Whether it be interchanging certain parts, slightly altering proportions, etc…there’s a lot of “borrowed” inspo – and there’s nothing really wrong with that. But, if you want something truly innovative and transcendent, you’re probably going to have to dig a little deeper and see how you can connect products, ulterior materials and development processes from entirely different fields and see how they inspire your next footwear creation.

Tumblr for me is a great place because the content has been fairly well curated (mainly because I’m very careful with whom I follow). That being said, these are 8 of the inspiring Tumblrs I follow, each having their own unique vibe and flavour, as mentioned below –

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1. Pittalo

Follow for: Beautfully curated, minimal and clean product and fashion foward imagery.


2. Attaboy

Follow for: De-saturated, emotional and unique imagery.



Follow for: Playfully dystopian, digitally infused futuristic imagery.


4. DavMaw

Follow for: Super curated fashion/streetwear content & colour palettes.


5. The Well

Follow for: Playfull, product driven, clean and minimal imagery.


6. BGolliff

Follow for: A mixture of innovation-related content.


7. Luxury And Willing To Pay For It

Follow for: Super clean, fashion and product related imagery.


8. R2-R

Follow for: Well curated product design imagery.




Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks | www.MrBailey.co.uk

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