7 Indie Footwear Brands to Watch in 2015

Never underestimate the importance of indie brands in the footwear industry. They’re often the ones shaping current design trends and keeping things interesting. Unfortunately, the average consumer is less likely to take chances with a new, or indie brand. So it’s important that more ‘well-informed’ individuals (and I’m assuming you’re one of those ‘well-informed’ individuals if you’re reading this) support and celebrate them, else we be doomed with constant re-re-re-releases of ‘retros’ and a stagnate market (design wise).

2015 looks to be an interesting one for indie footwear brands. After spending some time walking around at trade-shows last month, and my usual internet stalking, I’ve compiled a quick list of some of my personal favorites. In no particular order, these are 7 indie brands to watch for in 2015.


1. ASIFuture

You never know what to expect from ASIFuture. Not only am I a fan of their products, I’m a fan of the whole story behind the brand. From interesting uses of neoprene, sued, straps, and closures, ASIFuture always brings a totally unique aesthetic to their products. Stay tuned for a big 2015 from ASIF.

(Check out our recent interview with them, here)

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2. Brandblack

Brandblack is looking to change the athletic footwear market by creating functional and aesthetically pleasing on-court, and fashionable off-court, footwear and apparel. Though still relatively new, they’re not afraid to mix it up with the bigger brands and have already created a distinctive look. They’re the first indie brand i’ve seen to have the balls to keep up with the technical advances used by bigger brands. It’ll be exciting to see how they push forward in 2015.

(Check out our recent interview with them, here)

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3. ekn Footwear x Mr. Bailey

Ok so I may be a little biased here, but hear me out. ekn is a sustainable brand from Germany, and we’ve teamed up to create a collection of footwear that’s not only sustainable, but also fashionable…and now something that will push design as well. We caught a little bit of flack for using a Margom sole on the collection, but felt it was important to create a good stock of footwear that would be palpable to the avg consumer. Now that we have that out of the way, we can really start to push the design side of things in a more obvious way. With a new website in the works, and some exciting now developments, ekn footwear is one to watch for 2015.

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4. Android Homme

I haven’t got too much to show of their upcoming season, but trust me, you won’t expect whats coming. Be ready to see some very different styles, design aesthetics and materials from Android Homme in 2015.

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5. Freeman Plat

This brand comes from good stock. Rather than producing a slew of styles, the Boston based, Freeman Plat has decided to focus (for now at least) on the slip-on style you see above. Set to be releasing early 2015 expect to see some very well designed, European made footwear and accessories this year.

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6. ohw? Footwear

Ohw? Footwear shows us the advantages of owning your own factory. You get to create as many samples as you want, and end up creating stunning styles like the one above. This isn’t the only advantage they have of course, having teamed up with The FootSoldiers design agency, ohw? always brings out beautifully designed, innovative product. 2015 should be a good one for them (and us).

(Check out our recent interview with them, here)

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7. Article Number

Still pretty new on the scene, Article Number brings us a mixture of styles to whet our design palette. With a mixture of uniquely designed blown EVA soles and neoprene/leather uppers, Article Number have created a distinct look right out of the gate. It’ll be interesting to see their next steps in 2015.

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Mr. Bailey

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