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It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Chou-Tac Chung’s work. He possesses one of the filthiest sketching styles in the game. Luckily for us, not so long ago he started his website TheDesignSketchBook.com, where he graciously gives us mere mortals an insight into his sketching techniques.

Covering all types of products, sketching initial thumbnails, shoe last shapes and general sketching tips, Chou-Tac is passing out some real gems. I’m pretty sure any designer, no matter how seasoned (myself most definitely included), can appreciate and learn from what he’s putting out there.

Below is a list of tips that Chou-Tac recently posted to help improve the quality of your sketch line work. Creating clean, dynamic lines is really something that can give a sketch that added bit of movement/excitement and really sell your concept to the viewer.

Chou-Tac does a beautiful job of breaking down his process, below.




1| Trace lines with a regular speed
The speed can’t be too slow, and doesn’t need to be fast. A normal speed is enough to give dynamic lines.

2| Use the ghost drawing as often as needed
Simulating the movement before tracing the lines.

3| Start and finish well each line
Don’t lift your pen tip as long as your line is not finished. Keep that for exceptions.

4| Draw with your feel
Remember that you draw a sketch, not a blueprint.

5| Start a sketch with a light pressure
Don’t try to get 100% perfect lines from start. Draw them very lightly, then adjust them with bolder lines. You can click here for a tutorial on How to make lively lines.

6| Train at drawing with a Ballpoint Pen
It’s good to practice without pencil neither eraser. You will multiply the number of sketches and attempt but also taking the good habit to think better before drawing. You will soon gain in accuracy, and need to adjust your lines lesser and lesser. You can click here to know more about using the Ball point pen itself.

Bonus| Get [the Designer Starter Kit] to gain in precision
To gain in precision, there is some information about the body posture, the right way to hold a pen and also some exercises on how to draw straight lines, perfect circles… from [the Designer Starter Kit]. You just need to Sign up, and I will send you the guides.

See the full article, here.



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