5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Footwear Design Inspiration

Instagram continues to be a huge source of inspiration. It is however, very easy to get lost in a barrage of imagery, so rather than have you dig through a bunch of selfies and pictures of food, here are some of my personal favorite accounts that are always posting top quality content.

Below, and in no particular order, I’ve listed 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Footwear Design Inspiration.


We posted about Safa not so long ago. His work is always super inspiring, and his instagram account is essentially a portfolio of his wonderfully weird footwear concepts.



We also posted about United Nude not so long ago, so it’s no surprise they made this quick list. Rem D Koolhaas & Galahad Clark are shaping the future of footwear with every new release from their brand.


Lead footwear designer at Akio Footwear, David Mawdsley constantly posts beautifully curated content showcasing his many design & development trips abroad. David’s account truly depicts how inspiring travel can be.

Ramp. Daikanyama

A photo posted by DAVID MAWDSLEY (@davmaw) on



Bellroy Designer, Joe Bowers is a paper and 3D print guru. His products and pictures are always incredibly inspiring and show just how beautiful a well thought out pattern can turn from something very simple into something incredibly intricate.

YEEZY BOOST PAPERSNEAKER WUUUT?? Maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. #yeezyboost #papersneakers #shoecube A photo posted by joe@thewellcollective.us (@the.well) on


I may be a little bias here, but when we do get to post content on here it’s either of the places we’re going, products we’re making or products we’ve already made and are currently on the market. It’s a real life look at our lives as independent footwear designer/developers, which I would hope is a little inspiring.

Last comes first | A pic from our Last factories floor #CKLAB #WhosGnaPickAllThoseUp

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