5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Design Inspiration

Staying inspired as a footwear designer (or any designer) is obviously incredibly important. Traveling and meeting new people are probably two of the best means of getting that much needed inspiration. Problem is, a lot of the time we aren’t meeting new people, or traveling. So, in these times we need an inspirational vice, a hub of random content to stretch our imagination. Luckily, with the dawn of computers, iPhone’s and apps, inspirational content is just a click or swipe away.

Out of all these apps and platforms though, I think it’s fair to say Instagram is one of our favorite hubs for checking out very random, incredibly inspiring content from around the world. So, with that said, from the very artsy, to the straight up weird, this is a quick list of some the accounts that have been a great source of inspiration for us as of late (we hope they inspire you too).


1. @ByBorre

Spearheaded by founder Borre Akkersdijk, Amsterdam based By Borre is by far one of my personal favorite Instagram pages to follow. Truly innovating & inventing new fabrics, pushing machinery to it’s limits, they’re just incredibly inspiring. From futuristic looking space suits to their footwear collabs, they’re always up to something. Give them a follow for constant sources of inspirational content and to stay up to date on all things By Borre.



Very artsy and very clever. VVHATIF is a collection of incredibly well curated, thought provoking art & design from around the globe. Make sure to give them a follow for a constant source of intriguing, inspirational content.



A mixture of quirky, interesting images, ILL-STUDIO is a constant source of inspiration. From straight up wierd, to interesting small tweaks on popular culture, I really appreciate how they can turn the mundane completely up-side-down. Perspective in the creative industry is always important, ILL-STUDIO constantly reminds me to try to look at things from a slightly different one.


4. @Coteetciel

If you’re a fan of beautifully designed, well executed products, you should check out Côte&Ciel‘s Instagram account. A mixture of close-up detail and product shots, Côte&Ciel gives you a great look into their aesthetic, inspirations and mind set.


5. @ShoesOfNYC

It’s one thing to see a shoe fresh out of the box, it’s another thing entirely to see that shoe on foot, after it’s been worn in. I always find it incredibly interesting to see how people have decided to wear their trousers with their shoes, how they’ve laced them, what socks their wearing, etc…@ShoesOfNYC show you a wide selection of footwear from NYC’ers, from sneakers to high heels, and how they’ve managed to make the shoe’s reflect their own style.




Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks | www.MrBailey.co.uk

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