3D Weaved Footwear by Oluwaseyi Sosanya

Released back in 2014, designer/engineer Oluwaseyi Sosanya actually constructed a 3D weaving loom to produce his shoe’s soles. Drawing inspiration from sewing machines and industrial knitting machines, Oluwaseyi combined elements from both to create his patent-pending 3D weaving loom.
Capable of printing a multitude of complex patterns, the structures have varying strengths and weaknesses (see below) depending on how you choose to weave them. Once finished, the weaved structure is then dipped in silicone to allow it to keep it’s form and add some flexibility.
It’s such an intriuging and inspiring way to look at footwear (or product in general) production, and the fact that Oluwaseyi actually built the machine himself earns him some major respect. I’m looking forward to seeing if he’s made, or plans to make, any progression since he released this concept back in 2014.



Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks | www.MrBailey.co.uk

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