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Designer Boaz Cohen has created these stunning 3D printed sneakers. Seeing a shoe that not only has it’s sole 3D printed (which is generally the case given the current limitations in 3D printing), what I find incredibly inspiring is that Boaz has also created a 3D printed upper. The upper having an almost vascular, organic webbed structure and a sole that encapsulates the upper and forms the lacing structure. The nature of 3D printing, and the structures needed to create the sneaker give it a super unique look and feel.

The future of 3D printing is something I’ve touched on numerous times, and I think it goes without saying that I’m excited about the potential possibilities. And though these shoes do look beautiful, what Boaz is proposing is an entire future system where sneakerheads would be able to design their own footwear and print them at home. I won’t comment on that too much, as honestly there isn’t nearly enough information provided, or a specific workable system specified that would allow non-tech/non-design savvy sneakerheads to simply be able to print their own footwear. The project seems like it’s definitively hinting at an interesting idea, though it may be a little vague or maybe naive in how it would be executed, at-least for a thesis level project. I would love to see this project in greater detail, with an actual proposed system, with some genuine data on if sneakerheads would even be that interested in something like this (for example, sneakerheads generally love brand association, would they care about a shoe that wasn’t associated with Nike or adidas? How would you adapt the system for ease of use?).

Of-course, the whole concept is for a future where the technology has advanced to a stage that would allow for something like this to occur (increased print quality, better materials, lower cost etc..), however it would still be great to have a glimpse at how it might be executed. For now though at least, we get to take in these extremely inspiring, 3D printed shoes and revel at potential possibilities of 3D printing in the years to come.

You can see the project in full, here.











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