10 People to Follow on Instagram for Footweardesign

Here’s just a quick list of some of the people I follow on Instagram that are involved in the footwear industry in many different ways that I think are worth a follow. Don’t get me wrong, there’s way more than just 10 people I could put on this list (WAY more), but this is a good start I think, stay tuned for part II.




Footwear Extraordinaire, Brett Golliff always keeps his profile popping with the latest sneaker news, insider know-how and his latest design projects. Always super interesting and inspiring, if you’re a footwear designer, Brett’s a must follow.

‘I am a footwear nerd. I will discuss, analyze and over-interpret anything that involves the sporting good industry.’




Scott Wills is an independent footwear designer & developer much like myself, and gives us a look inside his life with his shots of shoe lasts and samples. It’s really a very interesting profile to follow as he gives a look at not just the design side of the industry, but also the manufacturing side.




Mark Miner is a super talented Nike designer and often posts random inspirational images and shots of his latest projects & murals. Definitely a great IG to follow to stay inspired.




SketchBug, Roshan Hakkim is always dropping his latest random sketches, doodles & renderings on his IG, and they’re always incredibly inspiring, this is definitely a must follow for any designer.




It’s a little strange adding myself to any kind of list on CK, but I think I’m for sure worth a follow. I generally just try to show all the aspects of my life as a designer and developer of products (mainly footwear), my thoughts on the industry and life as a creative…also I’ll try to keep the selfies down to a minimum.




Reebok designer, Jeremy Sallee always keeps it interesting with his posts, I especially like his #FailFridays where he shows Reebok samples that didn’t quite make the final cut. For sure worth a follow!




Not necessarily focused on footwear design, but always super inspiring. Based out in San Francisco, Brothers Anh & Hoang Nguyen are crazy talented, and are always posting pictures of their design process. These two are definitely worth a follow.




Former Nike Sportswear, Jordan designer and Converse Design Director, Michael DiTullo was (and still is) a huge inspiration. He often posts his awesome shoe sketches and samples from his former footwear days, I highly recommend following his account.




Marc Dolce’s been doing over at Nike for years now, and it’s great to have a look at the man behind some of the most beautifully designed sport shoes of the past few years. For sure worth a follow to stay inspired and to get a little bit of a look behind the Nike curtain.




The other half of the newly formed CK Lab, Omar Bailey has been designing and developing footwear for almost a decade now. His IG is mainly filled with pictures of his many trips to different countries while visiting shoe factories, and really shows the hectic lifestyle that is involved being in this type of industry.


Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks | www.MrBailey.co.uk

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