10 Inspiring People to Follow on Instagram that aren’t Shoe Designers

I think it’s fair to say that Instagram is currently my favourite social medium, both for placing my own thoughts and ideas, and for soaking up an obscene amount of inspiring imagery. I also think it’s fair to say that a lot of the best inspiration for footwear comes from things that have entirely nothing to do with actual footwear, so with that being said – Here are 10 Inspiring People/Profiles to Follow on Instagram that aren’t Shoe Designers –


10. @Amsterdam2Paris

Filled with beautiful imagery (*warning* you might get some sideways looks if you check this out at work, or with your gf/bf/side piece) and always accompanied by a super inspiring quote in the comment underneath it, Amsterdam2Paris always delivers a much need dose of IG motivation.



Always up to something interesting, I love the way he brings materials and colour blocking synonymous with popular sneaker releases to non-footwear products. Not to mention he always posts super clean, thought provoking content.


8. @Juncha

Jun Cha is an incredibly talented artist based out in LA that creates insanely detailed tattoos and generally has an affinity for beautifully curated, classic works of art. His high level of skill and dedication to his craft is something I think all designers can appreciate.


7. @Daniel_Arsham

Though he straight up looks like a super villain evil genius from a comic book, his genius (luckily for us) extends outside of plotting world domination. His artwork is incredibly inspiring because he uses what is already available to him and moulding those things to suit, and often create his work. He uses museum walls or takes everyday objects and adds twists to create something totally different, inspiring and most of all, thought provoking.


6. @David_Whetstone

Though I guess you could say David is a footwear designer, the main reason I put him on this list is because he seems to have an affinity to make anything he photographs, or works on, super clean and stylish, even outside of footwear. Its kind of an unintentional ‘cool’, which is why its so dope, because its authentic, and you can see his personality coming though in all of his projects.



SLAMXHYPE is and OG in the street culture blogging game and have always given an authentic voice on current matters, curating the best in style, street art, footwear, clothing, etc…and putting it all together in one place. Cultivate. Curate. Collaborate. 


4. @Josephmrtnz

Another incredibly talented artist, Joseph Martinez brings a refreshing touch to all of his art works because he always approaches them from totally different angles. From mini paintings on match books, to large scale murals, Joseph is always creating awe inspiring work. He also shouts out fellow artists on his feed, so its a great way of learning about new talent.


3. @InspirationByPelin

I’ve always found architecture and interior design to be one of my biggest inspirations. There’s just something special about a well balanced, mix of objects and surfaces inside of a beautifully curated space. Though I wish she’d post more than she does, I’d highly recommend giving her a follow.


2. @IgnasiMonreal

I only ran into this guy yesterday and fell in love with his work. His wacom sketched artworks are straight up money, and (as you can see from above) his images are always filled with quirky themes. Just an incredibly creative and talented artist.


1. @NASA

I don’t think I need to go into too much of an explanation about why this page is insanely inspiring. If you know anything about me, you know I find space awe inspiring, beautiful and to be honest, confusing. Space is a reminder of how much we still have to discover, how we still have to question everything, remain humble and continue to try and educate ourselves.



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