10 Inspiring Female Footwear Creatives to Follow on Instagram

I’m not generally one to know (or care) about a lot of specially donated days of the year. I vehemently stand by my opinion that Valentines day is pretty much a scam by card companies. Mothers day too (show your mum love everyday). Thanks Giving’s decent for the food I guess (though we don’t celebrate that here in England). Having said all that though, this morning I realised that today was a particularly interesting holiday, and something I’ve been meaning to focus on for quite some time.
Today is International Women’s day, and in the spirit of that I thought I’d share a small list of super talented people that also happen to be women, and that are innovating and pushing the industry forward in new and exciting ways.

Below is a list of 10 Inspiring Female Footwear Creatives to Follow on Instagram.

Suzanne Oude Hengel

Design independant and shoe wizard, Suzanne Oude Hengel is pushing knitting and overall material innovation to new heights. Suzanne is without a doubt making some of the most inspiring and creative leaps in the footwear materials space.


Stephanie Saris

Currently designing for Y-3 (one of my personal favourite brands), Stephanie is helping to maintain and push the incredibly high level of creative, industry leading design that Y-3 upholds.


Solene Roure

Former Nike footwear designer, current design consultant and co-founder of one of London’s most promising new footwear brands, Primury, Solene is helping to both uplift the iconic, staple brands that she works with, and is also creating thought provoking yet incredibly clean and clever designs for her own brand.


Aranka Agatha Hurkens

Currently working with Balenciaga as an Assistant Accessories Designer, Aranka is an incredibly talented designer that may be responsible for one of the largest socially interracted posts I’ve put on our Instagram account. The work that she’s done for her graduation project alone is enough to show you just how talented and bright Aranka’s future is.


Helen Kirkum

Former Adidas designer and current design/artist consultant, Helen’s influence on the current sneaker landscape is undeniable. Having recently visited Helen’s studio and hearing what she’s been up to, Helen is clearly going to be getting a lot more attention and exposure for her super creative artwork/designs in the near future.


Polina Krichko

Innovation, textile, and footwear designer, Polina is constantly looking to push in all aspects of her creations. From fully knitted, knee high boot/sneakers, to creating her own sneaker outsole moulds, Polina’s ingenuity and hands-on approach allows her to constantly create beautifull, thought-provoking products and concepts.



Piet Langeveld

Former Filling Pieces designer, current consultant, all around style icon and creative, Piet is by far one of the most interesting people I’ve met in the industry so far. The best way to understand a little more about her and her philosophies is through her own words, found in this interview with Coeval Mag.

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Meline Katchi

Current Energy Designer at Nike Basketball, Meline is a classically trained, forward thinking and super creative designer that’s helping to push Nike Basketball to, in my opinion, create some of their best Basketball silhouettes for quite some time. You may also remember her from a sneaker sketch book that her and her boyfriend (Mes, who’s also at Nike) created, called Sketch Pallette.

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Ashley Comeaux

Currently a designer at Nike, Ashley has been designing for everyone from Reebok to Converse, and now Nike, since 2009, and recently created one of my personal favourite Nike releases (seen below).

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Asha Harper

Current Colour & Materials/Product Designer at Puma Sportstyle, and formerly designing at Dr Martens and interning at Alexander McQueen, Asha is super talented designer and all around creative that’s for sure someone to keep an eye on for the future.


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