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The Souma sneaker by, Shawna Cheng is designed to offer a multitude of different support structures for many different types of needs. Focusing on student-athlete Eleni Fkiaras, and the varying types of track & field events she’s involved in (4x400m relay, 4x100m relay & 400m hurdels), Shawna wanted to create a shoe that was as versatile as the athlete that’s going to be wearing them.

“A casual piece of footwear with built-in components that will help offset injuries and provide support and comfort for the Achilles tendon. versatile. super specific. comfortable.” – Shawna

The shoes feature a ‘multi-layered foam cushion upper (polyester, polyester batting & heavyweight cotton), which moulds to the user’s foot structure, providing arch and core control. This subsequently works with regulating the surrounding muscle strength. The shoes also feature ‘nylon straps that are designed to relieve stress on the heel region and offload injuries and pain in the Achilles. This normalizes and improves the foot bio-mechanics and helps to facilitate the user’s normal movement’. These nylon straps are attached via velcro straps, which allow them to removed or added when needed.

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